Glass Block Windows

Your One-Call Solution for Glass Block Windows

Add a new and improved look to your home with glass block windows from The Glass Block Warehouse. As your one-call solution, we offer sales and installation that comes backed by 30 years of experience. Our block windows can be custom-made to fit any opening.

By assembling multiple blocks together with a clear high-strength commercial-grade glazing silicone, you're assured of durable and superior results. And if you want a something with more flexibility, we also offer windows with air ventilation.

Glass Block Window Benefits

  • Increased security 
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Seals out drafts and insects
  • Reduces noise from the outside 
  • Impact-resistant

Available Patterns

Wave is our most popular pattern! Aesthetically neutral and pleasing, it's a great fit for just about any surroundings. Out of all the patterns we offer, this one is the least concealing yet still provides great privacy using an intricate design.
Iceberg is our most concealing pattern, yet it still offers an excellent way of bringing light and joy into an interior space. Although it's perfect for bathrooms with a general impression that's similar to frosted glass, it can amaze in any environment! Our air vents allow you to get fresh air without compromising security.

Suggested Applications

Basement Windows
Glass block used in basements is a durable defense against intruders compared to plate glass, yet far more elegant than bars or other security features. Blocks with dryer vents allow for installation in laundry areas.

Bathroom Windows
Glass block prevents a clear image of whatever is on the other side from being visualized, making it a highly recommended choice in settings where privacy is critical. Blocks with vents allow fresh air to flow through the room.

Glass block walls are a classic element of design and will never go out of style. Shower walls, in particular, offer great functionality without sacrificing visual appeal.

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