Individual Glass Blocks

Glass Blocks Made by Trusted Brands

Transform your home's exterior with glass block windows from The Glass Block Warehouse. All of our glass blocks are built with quality in mind by trusted brands like Mulia and Spacecaps.

The Advantages of Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are advantageous in more ways than one, and, in many applications, they have unrivaled superiority over traditional plate glass.

Enhanced Privacy
Whether it has a wave, pristal, or iceberg pattern, glass block naturally obscures anything on the other side of the window. For this reason, glass block windows are perfect for use in bathrooms.

Greater Security
Each individual block has two thick faces, one on the inside and one on the outside, making difficult, noisy work for any burglar who might try to break through a glass block window. Furthermore, damaging a glass block window thoroughly enough to gain entry means destroying a number of individual blocks, rather than just simply smashing a single plate. This also leaves a number of jagged edges that are sure to deter any would-be intruder. With this being said, glass block windows are highly resilient.

Whatever its application, glass block possesses a unique decorative charm, sure to draw attention to your business, and worthy of your neighbors' envy.

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